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The Latin American Health Institute is pleased to introduce this new resource for our staff, friends, and everyone who is interested in the health of Latinos in the United States, the health of all ethnic and linguistic minorities in, health equity, and public health in general.

LHI is a Latino community based organization with offices in Boston, Brockton and Lowell, Massachusetts. We offer a range of health promotion and disease prevention programs, social services, and behavioral health services. LHI is a licensed mental health and substance abuse treatment provider.

This blog is about our work in research, including medical and public health sociology, and policy-related research in disparities in health and health care; and public policy, including our participation in the New England Coalition for Health Equity, and the Massachusetts Disparities Action Network, as well as our own efforts on behalf of the Latino community. We will also discuss other research findings and public policy developments of relevance to our readers.

We won't necessarily be posting on a regular schedule, but we will bring you updates whenever events warrant, and you can count on finding new material here at least a few times a week. Your comments are encouraged, and we will do our best to answer questions or respond to suggestions. The top level posts will normally be in English, but comments are welcome in English or Spanish. Acogimos comentarios en español tanto como inglés.

Right now, the contributors to this blog are Bart Laws, who is Senior Investigator in Social Science and Policy at LHI; and Robert Pomales, Executive Director of Policy and Strategic Relations. "Cervantes," who you also see on the contributor list, is our site administrator. Other LHI staff, collaborators, clients or friends who would like to make a post on this blog should contact Bart or Rob and we'll see if it's appropriate. Or, you can always put your contribution in the comments.

Bset Wishes on this extremely important work at LHI

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